RESTful Unity: My Background

In 2006, I started looking into asynchronous JavaScript, the year that W3C released the AJAX standard. For the next two years I would dive more into PHP with a number of client and personal projects, including my first browser game.

In 2008, I found Unity, and started heavily working with Unity and PHP. This was achieved through Unity’s WWW class, which operates similarly to how AJAX works in a browser.

In 2010, I started at dimeRocker, which at the time was middleware service aimed at Unity indie developers. The features included communicating between Unity and the dimeRocker platform, which in turn communicated with third party sites and services (Facebook, mySpace, SuperRewards, etc). We provided Leaderboards, Achievements, Social Publishing and Wallet/Inventory systems. All of this through a RESTful Unity client and API.

In 2011, I wrote two social game frameworks from scratch and worked heavily on a dimeRocker framework, all of which were scalable, RESTful web products.

In 2012, I want to refine what I’ve worked with over the last three years into a single framework capable of serving HTML5 web apps or Unity content. My intention is to provide as much of this framework as I can through this journal for public consumption, and not just code snippets but everything one would need to set up a complete tech stack to develop and operate a game with this framework.

I invite the readers of this journal to both follow, but also discuss with me what they’d like to do, or possibly different ways of implementing certain features.


3 thoughts on “RESTful Unity: My Background”

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you still had that PHPHandler 2.0 tutorial located somewhere. I am trying to find some good example code that can help me setup connectivity between my mobile device and my MySQL database to update and exchange information.Your PHPHandler keeps coming up in posts, but the download links are broken. Is there a new and better way of doing this that you have posted?


  2. Dooood! your mesh creation video on Vimea is So awesome!!!!!!! can you please do 10 lines of explanations under the video, anywhere just some info and some code :)

  3. could you even make a .package for Unity with some Readme files for the explanation or a heavily commented code layout? It’s brilliant i just want to learn from a clear interactive animation like that for making vertices, it would be amazing learning material! Thanks alot!

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